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Detail About Meerut City
it is the largest manufacturer of Musical Instruments in the country and is also one of the largest suppliers of sports goods. There is several large scale industries located in Meerut.

In spite of the various facts highlighting the importance of the city in the region it faces challenges of unplanned and organic growth. Infrastructural deficits in almost all the sectors coupled with an un-proportionately large poor class population limit the growth potential of the city. However the city holds potentials that are inherent in its character; such as a vibrant trade and commerce sector and cottage industry, the rich agricultural land and favorable geographical conditions around the city areas, numerous higher education institutes, avaibility of adequate skilled and semi skilled work force, proximity to Delhi etc. In addition to the stated strengths of the city, the proposed decentralization of NCT via the NCR formation and resultant spill over of activities should be a major factor in giving a boost to the city's future.

To take advantages of these factors that hold promise for the city, it is of prime importance that the city improves its infrastructural provision and addresses these infrastructural deficit fulfillments through a socially fair manner, Meerut is one of the city selected under JNNURM being a city with more than a million population.

To, run JNNURM Buses within the urban Metropolition area of Meerut City Transport Services limited was formed in November 2009, as subunit of UPSRTC.

Company was registered on 23 June 2010 under the company act 1956. Corporate Identity Number: is U60231UP2010SGCO41121.