Algorithm Design Study Materials 2021 – Download Unit wise PDFs & Imp Questions

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Algorithm Design Study Materials: Download Algorithm Design Study Materials 2021. In this article, we are going to provide  Study Notes for the School of Computer and Information Sciences. Students of CSE, IT & BCA can download these Study Materials which will be useful for their Exam Preparation. Our website Exams Time has come up with the best materials for the main concepts of Introduction to Algorithm, Design Techniques, etc. Continue reading the below article to download the study books.

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Algorithm Design Study Materials - Download E-Books PDF

Algorithm Design Study Materials

In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm (/ˈælɡərɪðəm/ (About this sound listens)) is a finite sequence of well-defined, computer-implementable instructions, typically to solve a class of problems or to perform a computation.[1][2] Algorithms are always unambiguous and are used as specifications for performing calculations, data processing, automated reasoning, and other tasks.

As an effective method, an algorithm can be expressed within a finite amount of space and time, and in a well-defined formal language for calculating a function. Starting from an initial state and initial input (perhaps empty), the instructions describe a computation that, when executed, proceeds through a finite number of well-defined successive states, eventually producing “output” and terminating at a final ending state. The transition from one state to the next is not necessarily deterministic; some algorithms, known as randomized algorithms, incorporate random input.

Name of the Subject Algorithm Design 
Category School of Computer and Information Sciences (SOCIS)
Useful for B.Tech in CSE, IT, BCA
Course Type Under Graduation Courses
Article on Algorithm Design Study Materials 2021
Study Material Format PDF
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Algorithm Design Study Books

This subject will be useful to the students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA), B.Tech in CSE & IT

Problem Solving
Problem Solving
Basics of an Algorithm
Algorithm and Flow Charting
Parallel Algorithms
Graph Algorithms
Elementary Algorithmics
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Chapters & Topics

We have listed the chapters and topics in Algorithm Design Subject :

Introduction to Algorithm

Design Techniques

Subject in the Universities

This subject will be useful to the students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA), B.Tech in CSE & ITThe following university students can download Algorithm Design study materials :

  • Malla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur (JNTUK)
  • Guru Jambeswar University
  • Shri Vishnu Engineering College for Women
  • Biju Patnaik University
  • Jaipur National University
  • Lovely Professional University

Subject in the Semesters

Algorithm Design subject will be studied by the students in the following semesters of their respective courses :

  • B.Tech IT V  Semester
  • CSE V Semester
  • BCA IV Semester

Important Questions

We have mentioned some of the important topics of Algorithm Design study materials :

  • Write the advantages and disadvantages of the linear search algorithm.
  • Write the iterations for sorting the following list of numbers using bubble sort, selection sort, and insertion sort:
    45, 67, 12, 89, 1, 37, 25, 10
  • Define the following:
    • Algorithm
    • Time Complexity
    • Space Complexity
  • Define the basic five asymptotic notations?
  • Define Best case Time Complexity?
  • Define Worst-case Time Complexity.
  • Define Average case time complexity?
  • Write an algorithm for bubble sort and write its worst case, the average case, and best case analysis.
  • Define basic efficiency classes.
  • Write a function for implementing binary search. Also give an expression for running time complexity in terms of input size n for Worst case, Best case, and average case.
  • Define a graph?
  • Differentiate between an undirected and a directed graph?
  • Traverse a graph using DFS and BFS.
  • Explain the basic concept of Divide-and-Conquer?
  • Explain how the Divide-and-Conquer method is applied to solve various problems such as Binary Search, Quick-Sort, Merge-Sort, Integer multiplication.
  • Kruskal’s Algorithm
  • Prim’s algorithm
  • Bellman-Ford algorithm
  • Dijkstra’s Algorithm

Recommended books for Algorithm Design

The books that are useful for knowing about Algorithm Design are given here. These are available online and can be downloaded for learning.

  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms by S. Sridhar, Paperback
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms For SPPU B.E. Computer Engineering by Dr. Mahesh M. Goyani

We hope this article will be useful to the candidates to get the details of the Algorithm Design Study Materials. Share this article Algorithm Design Study Materials with your friends. Click on the ” Allow ” button to get the latest updates of our Exams Time website regarding Study Materials of any subject, Universities, Admit Card, Results, and still many more.

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