Business Organization Study Materials 2021 – Download Study Notes PDF

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Business Organization Study Materials: Download Business Organization Study Materials 2021. In this article, we are going to provide the Study Notes for Management Studies. Students of MBA & B.Com can download these Study Materials which will be useful for their Exam Preparation. This subject covers the topics of Financing of Business, Marketing, Business Services, etc. Through this article, you can download Unit wise PDFs, Chapters, Topics, and Important Questions. Read the below article Business Organization Study Materials to download the material PDFs.

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Business Organisation Study Materials - Download Unit wise PDFs, Chapters & Topics

Business Organization Study Materials

Name of the Subject Business Organization
Category Management Studies
Useful for B.Com
Course Type Certificate Programmes
Article on Business Organization Study Materials 2021
Study Material Format PDF
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Chapters and Topics

We have listed the chapters and topics in Business Organization Subject :

Basic Concepts and Forms of Business Organization

  • Nature and Scope of Business
  • Forms of Business Organization-I
  • Forms of Business Organization-II
  • Business Promotion

Financing of Business

  • Methods of Raising Finance
  • Sources of Long Term Finance and Underwriting               –
  • Stock Exchanges


  • Advertising
  • Advertising Media
  • Home Trade and Channels of Distribution
  • Wholesalers and Retailers
  • Procedure for Import and Export TradeBlock-3

Business Services

  • Banking
  • Business Risk and Insurance
  • Transport and Warehousing

Government and Business

  • Government in Business
  • Forms of Organization in Public Enterprises
  • Public Utilities

Business Management Study Notes

Here we have mentioned the unit-wise PDFs of the Business Organization subject. Click on the below link to download it :

Organisational Development And Business Effectiveness
Forms of Business Organisation-II
Business Strategy and Operational Strategies (Technology and Innovation in HRS)
Forms of Business Organisation-II
Managing Family Enterprises
Definition and Introduction to Organisational Development

The unit-wise PDFs of the Business Organization subject are given. Click on the below link to download it :

Subject  Download Links 
Business Organization Click Here
Click Here
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Unit wise PDFs – Business Organization Study Materials

Here we have mentioned the unit-wise PDFs of the Business Organization subject. Click on the below link to download it :

Units  Download Links 
Basic Concepts and Forms of Business Organization Download
Financing of Business Download
Marketing Click Here
Business Services Download
Government and Business Click Here

Subject in the Universities

This subject will be useful to the students of B.Com. The following university students can also download these materials :

  • University of Delhi
  • Manonmaniam Sundaranar University

Subject in the Semesters

Business Organization subject will be studied by the students in the following semesters of their respective courses :

  • BBA I Semester
  • B.Com 1st Year
  • MBA 1st Semester

Important Questions

Here we have given the important questions on Business Organization subject :

  • What is business? Explain its features and objectives.
  • What do you understand by the Organization? What are the basic forms of business organization?
  • What do you understand by sole trader organization? State merits and limitations of sole trader organization?
  • Explain the features of an ideal form of business organization. Which form can be considered to be an ideal in all respects?
  • What do you understand by the term ‘entrepreneurship’? State the important characteristics of an entrepreneur.
  • Explain ‘innovation’ and ‘risk-bearing in about 100 words each.
  • Discuss briefly the importance of finance in business. Distinguish between fixed capital and working capital.
  • What are the advantages of raising capital through borrowings?
  • State the methods of raising fixed capital.
  • Define a stock exchange and explain fully its economic functions.
  • What is the main purpose of advertising? What are the various objectives served by advertisements?
  • ‘Advertisement is a waste’. Do you agree with this view? Give reasons for your argument.
  • What do you understand by advertising media? Discuss the importance of media for advertising.
  • What is a channel of distribution? Explain briefly the channels of distribution used for consumer goods and industrial goods.
  • What do you understand by wholesaling? How does it differ from retailing?
  • What is a public enterprise? What are its characteristics? How is it different from a private enterprise?
  • What is a statutory corporation? Explain its features, merits, and limitations.
  • What are the main features of the government company? How are they different from those of the statutory corporation?

Recommended Books for Business Organization

The books that are useful for knowing about Business organizations are given here. These are available online and can be downloaded for learning.

  • Business Organization for BBA: Revised Edition (2020) by Dr. N. Mishra, Dr. Jitendra Kr. Saxena, Paperback
  • Business Organization and Management [, Semester I (Paper BC 1.3), CBCS] 2020 by Dr. Shveta Klara and Dr. Neha Singhal, Paperback

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