Common Cardiovascular Diseases Study Materials 2021 – Download Unit wise PDFs

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Common Cardiovascular Diseases Study Materials: Searching for Common Cardiovascular Diseases Study Materials 2021? In this article, we are going to provide Study Notes for the School of Health Sciences. Here we provide the best study materials for courses like PG Diploma in Medical Field. Students of Health Science can download these study books for Exam Preparation. Through this article, you will get the Materials for Hypertension, Heart Failure, We have also listed some of the important questions in this subject to make the student’s learning quick and easier.

Common Cardiovascular Diseases Study Materials - Download Study Books PDF

Common Cardiovascular Diseases Study Materials

Name of the Subject Common Cardiovascular Diseases
Category School of Health Sciences (SOHS)
Useful for PG Diploma in Clinical Cardiology
Course Type PG Diploma Courses
Article on Common Cardiovascular Diseases Study Materials 2021
Study Material Format PDF
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Heart Diseases E-Books

We have listed the chapters along with with their PDFs of Cardiovascular Diseases subject :

Common Cardiovascular Diseases- I
Common Cardiovascular Diseases- II
Common Cardiovascular Diseases- III
Management of Common Cardiovascular Diseases


Common Cardiovascular Disease


The History and Symptoms in Cardiovascular Disease
Nursing Management of Patients with Cardiovascular Disorders
Drugs Action On Cardiovascular System
Epidemiology and Natural History of Heart Disease
Genesis of Coronary Artery Diseases and Risk Factors


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Chapters & Topics

We have listed the chapters along with with their PDFs of Cardiovascular Diseases subject :

Hypertension and Heart Failure

Ischaemic Heart Diseases

Rheumatic Fever and Infective Endocarditis

Valvular Heart Disease, Diseases of Pericardium and Cardiomyopathy

Common Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiac Rehabilitation

Subject in the Universities

This subject will be useful to the students who are pursuing a PG Diploma in Clinical Cardiology (PGDCC). The following university students can also download Cardiovascular System study materials :

  • Kerala University of Health Sciences
  • Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences
  • West Bengal University of Health Sciences
  • AIIMS, Delhi

Subject in the Semesters

Common Cardiovascular Diseases subject will be studied by the students in the following semesters of their respective courses :

  • PG Diploma in Clinical Cardiology

Important Questions

We have mentioned some of the important topics of Common Cardiovascular Diseases study materials :

  • Describe the short-term and long-term adaptive mechanism of heart failure?
  • Describe various types of heart failure?
  • Enlist the causes of heart failure?
  • Describe the process of the formation of coronary atherosclerosis?
  • Explain the basic anatomy and physiology of coronary circulation?
  • Enlist the risk factors of coronary atherosclerosis?
  • Describe the types of treatment of atherosclerosis.
  • Describe the clinical feature and management of ischaemic heart diseases?
  • Describe the clinical presentation of acute coronary syndrome?
  • Describe the pathophysiology, clinical presentation, and management of acute myocardial infarction.
  • List some of the common cardiovascular emergencies?
  • What are the clinical features of cardiac tamponade and what is the most important investigation?
  • What is Fontan Operation?
  • Enumerate the cardiac lesions which produce spells?
  • Describe pathophysiology?
  • Describe the various diseases of the pericardium, their recognition, and management.
  • Explain the structure and functions of the pericardium.
  • Differentiate acute pericarditis from acute myocardial infarction?

Recommended Books for Common Cardiovascular Diseases

The books that are given here are the books that are recommended and suggested by toppers in Common Cardiovascular Diseases. Reference books are found on online sites for referring purposes.

  • Color Atlas of Cardiovascular Disease with DVD – ROM by Levine Glenn. N, Hardcover
  • Obesity as a Common Denominator in Breast Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease by Katarzyna Rygiel

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