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Download 2020 Study Materials of Under Graduate, Post Graduate, Diploma and Ph.D. Courses. We are going to provide the complete Study Books, PDFs, Doc Files, E-books, etc for any type of course. This page of content will be very helpful to all University students. We provide all subjects materials of UG, PG, PG Diploma, Ph.D. Courses for all years or semesters. The Study Materials we provide will be a benefit to the students to make a Self Preparation during their Examinations.  Through this page, you can download the Study Materials, E-Notes, PDFs & Doc Files for any course by the links given below. Continue reading the below article, to download the study materials related to your course.

MBA Study Materials

The full form of MBA is Master of Business Administration. The duration of MBA will be 2 years. The full-time MBA programs will be conducted semester wise i.e. 2 semesters per academic year. There are various specialization courses in Business Administration such as MBA in Marketing, Banking & Finance, HR, Business Operations, etc.

S.No Subject Name Download Links
1. Management Functions and Behaviour Download
2. Management of Human Resources Download
3. Economics and Social Environment Download
4. Accounting and Finance for Managers Download
5. Management of Machines and Materials Download
6. Marketing for Managers Download
7. Information Systems for Managers Download
8. Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications Download
9. Management Economics Download
10. Organisational Design, Development and Change Download
11. Strategic Management Download
12. Human Resource Development  Download 
13. Human Resource Planning  Download 
MBA in Banking and Finance 
1. Bank Financial Management Download
2. Marketing of Financial Services Download
3. International Banking Management Download
4. Electronic Banking and IT in Banks Download
5. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Download
6. International Financial Management Download
MBA in Marketing 
1.  Marketing Concepts Download
2. Marketing Research Download
3. Marketing Planning Download
4. Principles of Sales Management Download
5. Sales Forecasting Download
6. Marketing Audit Download
7. Advertising Management Download
8. Consumer Behavior Download
9. Brand Management Download
10. Industrial Marketing Download
11. Marketing Ethics Download
12. Economic Analysis Download
MBA in Human Resource 
1. Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior Download
2. Managerial Economics Download
3. Accounting and Finance for Managers Download
4. Marketing Management Download
5. Human Resource Management Download
6. Personnel Management Concepts Download
7. Methodology of Training and Development Download
8. Human Resource Development and Planning Download
9. Compensation Management Download
10. Industrial Relations Management Download
11. Corporate Communication Download
12. Strategic Management Download
13. Organisational Design, Development and Change Download
MBA in International Business 
1. Management Concepts and Organisational Behaviour Download
2. Managerial Economics Download
3. Accounting for Managers Download
4. Financial Management Download
5. Marketing Management Download
6. Human Resource Management Download
7. International Business Environment Download
8. Management of Multinational corporation Download
9. International Business Law Download
10. Global Financial Markets and Instruments Download
11. Foreign Trade and Policy Download
12. Cross-Cultural Business Management Download
13. International Logistics Management Download
14. Global Marketing Management Download
MBA in Operations 
1. Financial Accounting Download
2. Principles of Organization & Management Download
3. Operations, Planning & Control Download
4. Supply Chain Management Download
5. Engineering, Industrial & Managerial Economics Download
6. Facilities Planning Download
7. Operations Research Download
8. Project Management Download
9. Industrial Engineering Concepts Download
10. Organizational Behavior Download
11. Business and Managerial Ethics Download
12. Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations Download
13. Safety, Health, and Environment Management Download
14. Marketing Management Download
15. Manufacturing Systems and Service Operations Download
16. Logistics Management Download

M.Com Study Books

The Full of M.Com is Master of Commerce. The duration of M.Com is 2 years.  Students who are interested in Finance & Commerce can join this course. There will be good career for M.Com students as Accountants, Marketing Manager, Business Analyst, etc.

S.No Subject Name Download Links
1. International Business Environment Download
2. International Marketing Management Download
3. India’s Foreign Trade Download
4. Export-Import Procedures and Documentation Download
5. International Marketing Logistics Download
6. International Business Finance Download
7. Organisation Theory and Behaviour Download
8. Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis Download
9. Business Environment Download
10. Accounting for Managerial Decisions Download
11. Marketing Management Download
12. Financial Management Download
M.Com in Finance and Taxation 
1. International Business Finance Download
2. Organisation Theory and Behaviour Download
3. Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis Download
4. Business Environment Download
5. Accounting for Managerial Decisions Download
6. Marketing Management Download

MA Study Notes

The full form of MA is Master of Arts. MA is a 2-year program that goes with 2-4 semesters. Any student can opt for MA in various specializations like MA English, MA Sociology, MA History, MA Mathematics etc.

MA Mathematics 
S.No Subject Name Download Links
1. Linear Algebra Download
2. Partial Differential Equations Download
3. Modern Algebra Download
4. Differential Geometry Download
5. Elements of General Topology Download
6. Computer Programming Download
7. Numerical Analysis Download
8. Continuum Mechanics Download
9. Ordinary Differential Equations Download
10. Computer-Aided Numerical Practical Download
11. Graph Theory Download
12. Modern Algebra-Advanced Download
13. Set Theory Download
14. Functional Analysis Download
15. Mathematical Logic Download
16. General Topology Download
MA English 
1. British Poetry Download
2. British Drama Download
3. British Novel Download
4. Aspects of Language Download
5. Literary Criticism and Theory Download
MA Psychology 
1. Cognitive Psychology, Learning, and Memory Download
2. Life Span Psychology Download
3. Personality: Theories and Assessment Download
4. Advanced Social Psychology
5. Research Methods Download
6. Statistics in Psychology Download
7. Practicals: Experimental Psychology and Psychological Testing Download
8. Psychopathology Download
9. Psychodiagnostics Download
10. Psychotherapeutic methods Download
11. Practicum in Clinical Psychology Download
12. Internship Download
13. Counselling Psychology Download
14. Assessment in Counselling and Guidance Download
15. Organizational Behaviour (OBY) Download
16. Human Resource Development (HRD) Download
17. Organisational Development (OD) Download
18. Interventions in Counseling Download
MA Economics 
1. Micro Economic Analysis Download
2. Macro-Economic Analysis Download
3. Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis Download
4. Economics of Growth and Development Download
5. Indian Economy Policy Download
6. Research Methods in Economics Download
7. Public Economics Download
8. International Trade and Finance Download
9. Economics of Social Sector and Environment Download
10. Econometric Methods Download
11. Computer Applications in Economic Analysis Download
12. Actuarial Economics: Theory and Practice Download
13. Financial Institutions and Markets Download
MA History 
1. Ancient and Medieval Societies Download
2. Modern World Download
3. Political Structure in India Download
4. History of Indian Economy Download
5. Historiography Download
6. Evolution of Social Structures in India through the Ages Download
7. History of Ecology and Environment: India Download
8. Indian National Movement Download
9. Urbanization in India Download
10. Social and Political Thought in Modern India Download
MA Political Science 
1. Political Theory Download
2. International Relations: Theory and Problems Download
3. India: Democracy and Development Download
4. Comparative Politics: Issues and Trends Download
5. Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges Download
6. Globalization, Environment, and Development Download
7. Gandhi’s Political Thought Download
8. Non-Violence Movements after Gandhi Download
9. Gandhian Approach to Peace and Conflict Resolution Download
10. Conflict Management, Transformation, and Peace Building Download
11. Human Security Download
12. Civil Society, Political Regimes and Conflict Download
13. MA Public Administration Download
14. State, Society and Public Administration Download
15. Administrative Theory Download
16. Public Systems Management Download
17. Human Resource Management Download
MA Sociology 
1. Sociological Theories and Concepts Download
2. Research Methodologies and Methods Download
3. Sociology of Development Download
4. Sociology in India Download
5. India: Democracy and Development Download
6. Sociology of Education Download
7. Diaspora and Transnational Communities Download
8. Sociology of Religion Download
9. Urban Sociology Download
10. MA in Rural Development Download
11. Rural Development – Indian Context Download
12. Rural Development Programme Download
13. Rural Development – Planning and Management Download
14. Research Methods in Rural Development Download
15. Voluntary Action in Rural Development Download
16. Land Reforms and Rural Development Download
17. Entrepreneurship and Rural Development Download
18. Rural Social Development Download
19. Dissertation Download
20. Communication and Extension in Rural Development Download
 MA Hindi 
1. उपन्यास एवं कहानी Download
2. नाटक और अन्य गद्य विधाएॅ Download
3. हिन्दी भाषा और साहित्य का इतिहास Download
4. हिन्दी काव्य-१ (आदि काव्य, भक्ति एवं रीति काव्य) Download
5. साहित्य सिध्दांत और समालोचना Download
6. भाषाविज्ञान और हिन्दी भाषा Download
7. उपन्यास : स्वरूप और विकास Download
8. हिन्दी उपन्यास-२ Download
9. भारतीय उपन्यास Download

M.Sc E-Books

The full form of M.Sc is Master of Science. Various specializations in M.Sc are M.Sc Mathematics, M.Sc Computer Science, M.Sc Chemistry, M.Sc Physics, M.Sc Botany, etc. The duration of M.Sc is 2 years.

M.Sc Computer Science 
S.No Subject Name Download Links
1. Design and analysis of algorithms Download
2. Artificial intelligence Download
3. Information security Download
4. Database systems & implementation Download
5. Computational intelligence Download
6. Compiler design Download
7. Advanced operating systems Download
8. Data mining Download
9. Advanced computer networks Download
10. Electronic Commerce Download
11. Numerical Computing Download
12. Combinatorial Optimization Download
13. Computational Linguistics Download
14. Digital Image Processing & Multi-media Download
15. Neural Networks Download
16. Software Quality Assurance & Testing Download
17. Machine Learning Download
18. Embedded Systems Download
19. Cryptography Download
20. Distributed Computing Download
21. Modeling and Simulation Download
M.Sc Mathematics 
1. Theorems on Principle, Maximal and Prime Ideals Download
2. Isomorphism Theorems and its Related Problems Download
3. Finite and Infinite Sets Download
4. Linear Differential Equations of nth Order Download
5. Modeling with Recurrence Relations with Examples of Fibonacci Numbers Download
6. Recapitulation: Rings, Some Special Classes of Rings Download
7. Phragmen-Lindel of theorem Download
8. Alexandroff ’s One Point Compactification Download
9. First-Order Partial Differential Equations Download
10. Second-Order Partial Differential Equations Download
11. The Conjugate Space H* of a Hilbert Space Download
12. Calculus on Euclidean Space Download
13. Volterra and Fredholm Integral Equations Download
14. Two-dimensional Flows of Inviscid Fluids Download
15. Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations Download
16. Meaning of First and Second-order Ordinary Derivatives Download
17. Abstract Group Theory Download
18. Lebesgue Integral Download
19. Convergence Theorems and Lebesgue Integral Download
20. Riemannian Metric. Connections. Riemannian Connections and their Components Download
21. Partitions: Definition of Partition of a +ve Integer Download
22. Asymptotic Values and Asymptotic Curves Download
23. Planarity:- Plane and Planar Graphs Download
24. Algebra – I Download
25. Real Analysis Download
26. Topology – I Download
27. Ordinary Differential Equations Download
28. Discrete Mathematics Download
29. A Brief Biography of Eminent Mathematicians and the History of Mathematics Download
30. Algebra – II Download
31. Complex Analysis Download
32. Topology – II Download
33. Functional Analysis Download
34. Partial Differential Equations Download
35. Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis – I Download
36. Differential Geometry Download
37. Mathematical Methods Download
38. Fluid Mechanics Download
39. Numerical Analysis – II Download
 M.Sc Chemistry 
1. Inorganic Chemistry I Download
2. Organic Chemistry I Download
3. Physical Chemistry  I Download
4. Analytical Chemistry I Download
5.  ICT learning in Chemistry, qualifying course Download
6.  Chemistry Lab I – Inorganic-Analytical Download
7. Chemistry Lab II – Organic Download
8. Chemistry Lab III – Physical Download
9. Inorganic Chemistry -II Download
10. Organic Chemistry-II Download
11.  Physical Chemistry-II Download
12.  Principles of Spectroscopy Download
13. Chemistry Lab-IV-Inorganic-Analytical Download
14.  Chemistry Lab-V-Organic Download
15. Chemistry Lab-VI-Physical Download
16. Group Theory and Applications of Spectroscopy Download
17. Organic Synthetic Methods Download
18. Chemistry of Materials Download
19. Nuclear & Radiochemistry Download
20. Chemistry Lab VII – Inorganic/ Analytical Download
21. Chemistry Lab VIII- Organic Download
22. Chemistry Lab IX – Physical Download
23. Analytical Chemistry – III Radioanalytical & Electroanalytical Methods Download
24. Analytical Chemistry – IV Separation Methods Download
25. Analytical Chemistry – V Hyphenated methods and automation Download
26. Analytical Chemistry – VI: Computational Chemistry Download
27. Analytical Chemistry Project Download
28. Inorganic Chemistry III Download
29. Inorganic Chemistry IV Download
30. Inorganic Chemistry V Download
31. Computational Chemistry Download
32.  Inorganic Chemistry Project Download
33. Advanced Quantum Chemistry and Photochemistry Download
34. Macromolecules Download
35.  Advanced Chemical Kinetics and Electrochemistry Download
36. Physical Chemistry Project Download
M.Sc Physics 
37. Mathematical Physics Download
38. Mechanics I Quantum and Statistical Download
39. Electromagnetic Theory I Download
40. Mechanics of Deformable Elastic Solids Download
41. Mechanics II Quantum and Statistical Download
42. Electromagnetic Theory II and Crystal Physics Download
43. Electronics I Download
44. Physics of Semiconductor Devices Download
45. Modern Optics Download
46. Classical mechanics Download
47. Quantum mechanics Download
48. Electronics-2 Download
49. Solid State Physics Download
 M.Sc Biotechnology 
1. Advanced Biological Chemistry Download
2. Genetic Engineering Download
3. Molecular Biology Download
4. Immunology Download
5. Environmental Biotechnology Download
6. Principles of Bacteriology and Virology Download
7. Cell Biology Download
8. Plant Biotechnology Download
9. Animal Biotechnology    Genomics and Proteomics Download
10. Bioprocess engineering &Fermentation Technology Download
11. Biochemical and biophysical techniques Download
12. Database Management and IPR in Biotechnology Download
13. Advanced Genetics Download
14. Nanobiotechnology Download
15. Bioinformatics Download
16. Stem Cell Technology and Regenerative Medicines Download
17. Agricultural Biotechnology Download
18. Bio-entrepreneurship Download
 M.Sc Botany 
1. Biomolecules and metabolism Download
2. Cell Biology Download
3. Genetics Download
4. Molecular Biology Download
5. Taxonomy and Invertebrate Studies Download
6. Workshop on Bioinstrumentation Download
7. Zoology Lab Download
8. Insect biology and Physiology Download
M.Sc Information Technology 
1. Digital Electronics Fundamentals Download
2. Advanced Java Download
3. Algorithm Design and Optimization Download
4. Artificial Intelligence Download
5. Communication & Soft Skills Download
6. Computer Ethics and Cyber Law Download
7. Computer Graphics Download
8. Computer Networking Download
9. Computer System Architecture Download
10. Desktop Publishing Tools Download
11. Data Structures through C Download
12. Digital Electronics Download
13. Data Mining Download
14. Distributed System Download
15. Database Management Systems Download
16. Data Communication Download
17. E-Commerce Download
18. Fundamentals of Information Technology Download
19. Management Information Systems Download
20. Microprocessor System Download
21. Multimedia Download
22. NET Technologies Download
23. Operating Systems Download
24. Principles of Management Download
25. Programming in C Download
26. Programming in C++ Download
27. Project Management Download
28. Relational Database Management System Download
29. Software Engineering Download
30. Visual Basic Download
31. Web Technology Download
32. Web Development Download
33. Software Testing Download

Bachelor of Arts Materials

The full form of BA is Bachelor of Arts. Other specializations in BA are Psychology, Anthropology, Economics, Mathematics, Public Administration, etc. The duration of BA is 3 years.

BA Psychology 
S.No Subject Name Download Links
1. General Psychology Download
2. Developmental Psychology Download
3. Research Methods in Psychology Download
4. Statistics in Psychology Download
5. Theories of Personality Download
6. Social Psychology Download
7. School Psychology Download
8. Motivation and Emotion Download
9. Psychopathology Download
10. Industrial and Organisational Psychology Download
11. Introduction to Counselling Psychology Download
12. Neuropsychology Download
13. Environmental Psychology Download
14. Forensic Psychology Download
15. Practicum in Clinical Psychology Download
16. Internship in Psychology Download
BA Anthropology 
1. Understanding Anthropology Download
2. Origin and Development of Anthropology Download
3. Major Fields of Anthropology Download
4. Research Methods and Techniques Download
BA Economics 
1. Principles of Microeconomics – I Download
2. Principles of Microeconomics – II Download
3. Principles of Macroeconomics – I Download
4. Principles of Macroeconomics – II Download
BA Mathematics 
1. Calculus Download
2. Differential Equations Download
3. Real Analysis Download
4. Algebra Download
5. Linear Algebra Download
6. Numerical Analysis Download
BA Political Science 
7. Introduction to Political Theory Download
8. Indian Government and Politics Download
9. Comparative Government and Politics Download
10. Introduction to International Relations Download
BA Public Administration
12. Perspectives on Public Administration Download
13. Administrative Thinkers Download
14. Administrative System at Union Level Download
15. Administrative System at State and District Levels Download
16. Gandhi and the Contemporary World Download
17. India’s Foreign Policy in a Globalising World Download
18. State Politics in India Download
19. Introduction to South Asia Download
20. Democracy and Development in North East India Download
21. Conflict Resolution and Peace Building Download
BA Sociology 
1. Introduction to Sociology Download
2. Sociology of India Download
3. Sociological Theories Download
4. Methods of Sociological Enquiry Download
BA History 
1. History of India-I Download
2. Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World Download
3. History of India-II Download
4. Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World Download
5. History of India-III (c. 750-1206) Download
6. Rise of Modern West-I Download
7. History of India IV (c.1206-1550) Download
8. Rise of Modern West -11 Download
9. History of India-V (c. 1550-1605) Download
10. History of India-VI (c. 1750-1857) Download
11. History of Modern Europe-I (c. 1780-1939) Download
12. History of India-VII (c. 1605-1750) Download
13. History of India-VIII (c. 1857-1950) Download
14. History of Modern Europe-II (1780-1939) Download
15. History of Southeast Asia-The 19TH Century Download
16. History of Southeast Asia-The 20TH Century Download
17. History of Modern East Asia-I(c.1840-1919) Download
18. History of Modern East Asia-1I (c. 1868-1945) Download

Bachelor of Library and Information Science – BLIS

The full form of BLIS is Bachelor of Library and Information Science. The duration of this course is 1 year.

S.No Subject Name  Download Links 
1. Library, Information, and Society Download
2. Information Sources and Services Download
3. Organizing and Managing Information Download
4. ICT Fundamentals Download
5. Communication Skills Download
6. Management of Library and Information Centre Download
7. Document Processing : Practice Download
8. Information Products and Services Download
9. ICT in Libraries Download


The full form of B.Sc is Bachelor of Science. The duration of B.Sc is 3 years which will be divided into 6 semesters. Students who are interested in science streams can join various specializations of B.Sc i.e. B.Sc Computer Science, B.Sc Physics, B.Sc Chemistry, B.Sc Mathematics, etc.

S.No Subject Name  Download Links 
B.Sc Chemistry 
1. Solid State Chemistry Download
2. Advanced Analytical techniques Download
3. Spectroscopy Download
4. Organometallic Chemistry & Catalysis Download
5. Inorganic Reaction Mechanism Download
6. Chemistry of Materials Download
7. Material Science and Nanomaterials Download
8. HSAB Concept Download
9. Stereoisomerism Download
B.Sc Physics 
1. Mathematical Physics-I Download
2. Mechanics Download
3. Environmental Science Download
4. Electricity and Magnetism Download
5. Waves and Optics Download
6. English Communication Download
7. Mathematical Physics-II Download
8. Thermal Physics Download
9. Digital Systems and Applications Download
10. Electromagnetic Theory Download
11. Mathematical Physics-III Download
12. Elements of Modern Physics Download
13. Analog System and Application Download
14. Quantum Mechanics and Application Download
15. Solid State Physics
16. Statistical Mechanics Download
17. Dissertation Download
B.Sc Mathematics  Download
1. Calculus Download
2. Geometry Download
3. Algebra-I Download
4. Mechanics-I Download
5. Differential Equations-I Download
6. Algebra-II Download
7. Mechanics-II Download
8. Numerical Methods Practical using C Download
9. Differential Equations-II Download
10. Analysis-I Download
11. Vector Analysis Download
12. Differential Equations-III Download
13. Analysis-II Download
14. Algebra-III Download
15. Analysis-III Download
16. Probability Theory Download
17. Linear Programming and Optimization Download
18. Algebra-IV Download
19. Analysis-IV Download
20. Numerical Methods Download

B.E/B.Tech Study Books

The full form of B.Tech is Bachelor of Technology. The duration of this course is 4 years which will be divided into 8 semesters. B. Tech specialization courses included Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, etc. The subjects for I, II Semesters will be common for all branches of Engineering.

BE Aeronautical Engineering 
1. Mathematics I Download
2. Physics I Download
3. Chemistry Download
4. Basics of Mechanics Download
5. Civil Engineering Basics Download
6. Aeronautics and aviation Download
7. Communicative English Download
8. Mathematics II Download
9. Physics II Download
10. Thermodynamics Download
11. Basics of Electronics Engineering Download
12. Environmental Engineering Download
13. Mathematics III Download
14. Aircraft Structure I Download
15. Aircraft Performance Download
16. Beams and Trusses Download
17. Body design I Download
18. Principles of Aerodynamics Download
19. Propulsion system Download
20. Fundamentals of gas turbine engines Download
21. Turning performance study Download
22. Body Design 2 Download
23. Drafting Techniques Download
24. Aircraft Stability and control Download
25. Experimental Stress analysis Download
26. Advanced propulsion techniques Download
27. Missile propulsion Download
28. Control of aircraft Download
29. Maintenance of aircraft 1 Download
30. Professional Ethics Download
31. Management Science Download
32. Maintenance of aircraft 2 Download
33. Total Quality Management Download
35. Safety of Aircraft Download
36.  Emergency Operations Download
37.  Global Aviation Sector Download
39.  GPS Technologies Download
40.  Air Traffic Control Download
41.  Personnel Management Download
 BE Automobile Engineering 
 I Semester 
1. Technical English-I Download
2. Mathematics-I Download
3. Engineering Physics-I Download
4. Engineering Chemistry-I Download
5. Engineering Graphics Download
6. Fundamentals of Computing and Programming Download
II Semester
1. Engineering Mechanics Download
2. Mathematics-II Download
3. Engineering Physics-II Download
4. Engineering Chemistry-II Download
5. Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering Download
III Semester
1. Transforms And Partial Differential Equations Download
2. Engineering Thermodynamics Download
3. Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Download
4. Automotive Engines Download
5. Mechanics of Machines Download
6. Production Technology Download
Semester IV 
1. Statistics And Numerical Methods Download
2. Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Download
3. Engineering Materials and Metallurgy Download
4. Strength of Materials Download
5. Electronics and Microprocessors Download
6. Automotive Chassis Download
Semester V 
1. Environmental Science and Engineering Download
2. Design of Machine Elements Download
3. Automotive Transmission Download
4. Automotive Electrical and Electronics Download
5. Vehicle Design and Data Characteristics Download
6. Automotive Fuels and Lubricants Download
 Semester VI 
1. Principles of Management Download
2. Automotive Engine Components Design Download
3. Automotive Chassis Components Design Download
4. Two and Three Wheelers Download
5. Finite Element Analysis Download
6. Composite Materials Download
 Semester VII 
1. Engine and Vehicle Management System Download
2. Vehicle Dynamics Download
3.  Vehicle Maintenance Download
4. Automotive Pollution and Control Download
5. Vehicle Body Engineering Download
6. Robotics Download
7. Automotive Safety Download
8. Automotive Aerodynamics Download
9.  BE Biomedical Engineering Download
10. Transforms and Partial Differential Equations Download
11. Sensors and Measurements Download
12. Biochemistry Download
13. Signals and Systems Download
14. Anatomy and Human Physiology Download
15. Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures Download
 Semester IV 
1.  Medical Physics Download
2. Basics of Electrical Engineering Download
3. Probability and Random Processes Download
4. Pathology and Microbiology Download
5. Analog and Digital Communication Download
6. Analog and Digital ICS Download
7. Analog and Digital ICS Download
 Semester V 
1. Hospital Management Download
2. Biomedical Instrumentation Download
3. BioControl Systems Download
4. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment – 1 Download
5. Bio Materials and Artificial Organs Download
6. Microprocessor and Microcontroller Download
Semester VI 
1.  BioMechanics Download
2. Radiological Equipment Download
3. Environmental Science and Engineering Download
4. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment – 2 Download
5. Principles of Digital Signal Processing Download
 Semester VII 
1. Digital Image Processing Download
2. Medical Optics Download
3. Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks Download
4. Medical Informatics Download
 Semester VIII 
1. Rehabilitation Engineering Download
 BE Biotechnology 
1. Enzyme technology Download
2. Genetics and Cytogenetics Download
3. Immunology Download
4. Microbiology Download
5. Chemical process calculations Download
6. Mechanical operations & heat transfer Download
7. German Language /Japanese Language / French Language Phase – I Download
8. Computer Skills Download
 Semester IV 
1. Molecular Biology Download
2. Bioprocess Principles Download
3. Biophysics Download
4. Momentum Transfer Download
5. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Download
6. Biostatistics Download
7. German Language /Japanese Language /French Language Phase – II Download
 Semester V 
1. Vector Biology and Gene manipulation Download
2. Animal Biotechnology Download
3. Analytical Techniques Download
4. Plant Biotechnology Download
5. Medical Biotechnology Download
6. Mass Transfer Download
7. Mass Transfer laboratory Download
8. Personality Development V Download
 Semester VI 
1. Protein Engineering Download
2. Bioinformatics Download
3. Instrumentation and Process control Download
4. Genomics and Proteomics Download
5. Plant Biotechnology Download
 Semester VII 
1. Bioreactor design Download
2. Bioseparation Technology Download
3. Fermentation technology Download
4. Food Biotechnology Download
Semester VIII 
6. Bioethics, IPR & Patent rights Download
7. Bionanotechnology Download
 BE Chemical Engineering 
 Semester III 
1. Solid Mechanics Download
2. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Download
3. Introduction to Transport Phenomena Download
4. Complex Analysis Download
 Semester IV 
1. Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer Download
2. Process Fluid Mechanics Download
3. Environmental Studies Download
4. Introduction to Numerical Analysis Download
5. Molecular and Statistical Thermodynamics Download
 Semester V 
1. Molecular Cell Biology Download
2. Psych/Social/Lit/Phil Download
3. Chemical Reaction Engineering Download
4. Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits Download
5. Advanced Transport Phenomena Download
 Semester VI
1. Material Science Download
2. Mass Transfer Operations Download
3. Chemical Reaction Engineering 2 Download
 Semester VII 
1. Process Control Download
2. Process Equipment Design and Economics Download
 Semester VIII 
1. Chemical Processes Download
2. Chemical Process Design Download
3. Honours Elective 2 Download
 BE Civil Engineering 
 Semester III 
1. Engineering Mathematics –III Download
2. Strength of Materials Download
3. Fluid Mechanics Download
4. Basic Surveying Download
5. Engineering Geology Download
6. Building Materials and Construction Download
7. Building Materials Testing Laboratory Download
8. Basic Surveying Practice Download
9. Professional Ethics and Human Rights Download
 Semester IV 
1. Engineering Mathematics –IV Download
2. Analysis of Determinate Structures Download
3. Applied Hydraulics Download
4. Concrete Technology Download
5. Basic Geotechnical Engineering Download
6. Advanced Surveying Download
7. Constitution of India Download
 Semester V 
1. Design of RC Structural Elements Download
2. Analysis of Indeterminate Structures Download
3. Applied Geotechnical Engineering Download
4. Computer-Aided Building Planning and Drawing Download
5. Air pollution and Control Download
6. Remote Sensing and GIS Download
 Semester VI 
Construction Management and Entrepreneurship
2. Design of Steel Structural Elements Download
3. Highway Engineering Download
4. Water Supply and Treatment Engineering Download
5. Solid Waste Management Download
6. Water Resource Management Download
 Semester VII 
1. Municipal and Industrial Waste Water Engineering Download
2. Design of RCC and Steel Structures Download
3. Hydrology and Irrigation Engineering Download
4. Ground Water & Hydraulics Download
5. Prefabricated Structures Download
6. Computer-Aided Detailing of Structures Download
 Semester VIII 
1. Quantity Surveying and Contracts Management Download
2. Design of Pre Stressed Concrete Elements Download
3. Internship Download
 BE Computer Engineering 
1. Engineering Mathematics – III Download
2. Electronic Circuits Logic Design Download
3. Discrete Mathematical Structures Download
4. Data Structures with C Download
5. Object-Oriented Programming with C++ Download
6. Software Engineering Download
Semester IV 
1. Engineering Mathematics – IV Download
2. Graph Theory and Combinatorics Download
3. Design and Analysis Of Algorithms Download
4. UNIX & Shell Programming Download
5. Microprocessors Download
6. Computer Organization Download
 Semester V 
1. Systems Software Download
2. Operating Systems Download
3. Database Management System Download
4. Computer Networks – I Download
5. Formal Languages And Automata Theory Download
Semester VI 
7. Management and Entrepreneurship Download
8. Unix Systems Programming Download
9. Compiler Design Download
10. Computer Networks – II Download
11. Computer Graphics And Visualization Download
Semester VII 
1. Object-Oriented Modeling and Design Download
2. Embedded Computing Systems Download
3. Programming the Web Advanced Download
4. Computer Architecture Download
5. Java and J2EE Download
6. Multimedia Computing Download
7. Data Warehousing & Data Mining Download
8. Neural Networks Download
Semester VIII 
1. Software Architectures Download
2. System Modeling and Simulation Download
3. IOT Download
BE Computer Science 
 Semester III
1. Engineering Mathematics III Download
2. Digital Electronics Download
3. Electronic Circuits Download
4. Discrete Structures Download
5. Object-Oriented Programming Download
6. Data Structures Download
 Semester IV 
1. Communication Engineering Download
2. Principles of Programming Languages Download
3. Computer Organization and Architecture Download
4. Database and File Systems Download
5. Engineering Management and Economics Download
6. System Software Download
 Semester V 
1. Software Engineering Download
2. Microprocessor and Interfaces Download
3. E-Commerce Download
4. Computer Graphics Download
5. Telecommunication Fundamentals Download
6. Logical and Fundamental Programming Download
7. Information Theory and Coding Download
 Semester VI 
1. Operating Systems Download
2. Computer Networks Download
3. Design and Analysis of Algorithms Download
4. Embedded Systems Download
5. Theory of Computation Download
6. Digital Signal Processing Download
7. Advanced Software Engineering Download
8. Microwave and Satellite Communication Download
 Semester VII 
1. Compiler Construction Download
2. Data Mining and Ware Housing Download
3. Logic Synthesis Download
4. Artificial Intelligence Download
5. Multimedia Systems Download
6. Service-Oriented Architectures Download
7. Optical Communication Download
8. Real-Time Systems Download
Semester VIII
1. Information System and Securities Download
2. CAD for VLSI Design Download
3. Advanced Computer Architectures Download
4. Distributed Systems Download
5. Image Processing Download
6. Natural Language Processing Download
 BE Computer Science Engineering 
 Data Structures 
1. Introduction to Data Structure Download
2. Arrays and List Download
1. Stack and Queue Download
2. Trees Download
3. Graphs and Hash Tables Download
 Digital System Design 
1. Introduction to Boolean Algebra Download
2. Minimalization Techniques Download
3. Design of Combinational Logic Circuits Download
4. Synchronous Sequential Circuits Download
5. Hardware Description Language Download
 Computer System Architecture 
1. Basic Structure of Computers Download
2. Arithmetic Unit Download
3. Basic Processing Unit Download
4. Memory Unit Download
5. Input-OUtput Organisation Download
Algorithm Design and Analysis
1. Introduction to Algorithms Download
2. Divide and Conquer Download
3. Greedy and Dynamic Programming Download
4. Backtracking Download
5. Branch Bound and Randomized Algorithms Download
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
1. Introduction to microprocessor Download
2. 8086 Family Assembly Language Download
3. Programming Concepts Download
4. I/O Interface and Pentium Download
5. Architecture and Programming 8051 Download
 Operating Systems 
1. Introduction Download
2. Processes and Threads Download
3. Concurrency and Scheduling Download
4. Memory Download
5. Input/Output and File Systems Download
 Compiler Design 
1. Introduction to compiler and automata Download
2. Syntax Analysis- Parsing Download
3. Intermediate Code Generation Download
4. Code Generation Download
5. Code Optimization Download
Artificial Intelligence
1. Introduction Download
2. Heuristic Search Techniques Download
3. Knowledge and Reasoning Download
4. Planning
5. Game Playing
BE Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
 II Year 
1. Engineering Mathematics II Download
2. Hydraulic Machines and Heat Engines Download
3. Network analysis and synthesis Download
4. Solid-state devices and circuits Download
5. Electrical machines I Download
6. Engineering Material Science Download
7. Power System Engineering I Download
8. Electronic Circuits Lab Download
 III Year
1. Engineering Mathematics IV Download
2. Electronic Instrumentation Download
3. Electrical Measurements II Download
4. Power Electronics Download
5. Electrical Machines II Download
6. Electrical Machines III Download
7. Microprocessors & Applications Download
8. Numerical Techniques & Computer Programming Download
9. Industrial Engineering & Management Download
 IV Year 
1. Control Systems Download
2. Power System Engineering III Download
3. Digital Signal Processing Download
4. Electrical Drawing Download
5. Advanced Control Theory Download
6. Electrical Machine Design Download
7. Electrical System Design Download
8. Power Semiconductor Drives Download
BE Information Technology 
 Semester I
1. Mathematics-3 Download
2. Object-oriented Programming Download
3.  DBMS Download
4. Principles of Communication Download
5. Computer graphics Download
6. Computer architecture Download
 Semester IV 
1. Mathematics-4 Download
2. Object-oriented Systems Download
3. Software engineering Download
4. Microprocessors Download
5. Computer Networks Download
6. Numerical methods and Optimization Techniques Download
 Semester IV 
1. Multimedia coding and communications Download
2. Wireless networks Download
3. Graph Theory Download
4. Web Technologies-1 Download
5. Principles of Computer Design Download
6. Operating Systems Download
 Semester VI 
1. Design and analysis algorithms Download
2. Cryptography and network security Download
3. Distributed system algorithms Download
4. Web Technologies-2 Download
5. Formal language and automata Download
6.  Semester VII Download
7. Image processing Download
8.  Semester VIII Download
9. Distributed system and applications Download
10. Management Download
11. Digital Signal Processing Download
 BE Electronics and Communication Engineering 
 Semester III
1. Humanities Elective Download
2. Linear Algebra Download
3. Network theory Download
4. Electromagnetic Theory Download
5. Digital System Download
6. Signals and system Download
Semester IV  Download
1. Humanities Elective II Download
2. Probability and Random Process Download
3. Electronic Circuits Download
4. Digital Signal Processing Download
5. Transmission lines and Waveguides Download
 Semester V 
1. Optimization Techniques Download
2. Linear Integrated Circuit Download
3. Control Engineering Download
4. Communication theory Download
5. Microprocessor and Microcontroller Download
 Semester VI 
1. Digital Communication Download
2. Data communication and networks Download
3. Computer organization and architecture Download
4. VLSI Design Download
 Semester VII
1. Environmental studies Download
2. Radiofrequency  engineering Download
3. Information theory and coding theory Download
BE Marine Engineering 
 Semester III 
1. Computational Mathematics Download
2. Analog Electronics & Communication Download
3. Applied Thermodynamics – II Download
4. Strength of Materials – II Download
5. Mechanics of Machines – I Download
6. Electrical Machines – I Download
7. Marine Engineering Drawing Download
 Semester IV 
1. Marine Boilers Download
2. Digital Electronics and PLC Download
3. Mechanics of Machines – II Download
4. Electrical Machines – II Download
5. Fluids Mechanics Download
6. Marine Heat Engine and Air Conditioning Download
7. Applied Marine Control and Automation Download
 Semester V 
1. Material Science Download
2. Ship Structure and Construction Download
3. Marine Internal Combustion Engine – I Download
4. Fluid Mechanics Download
5. Marine Auxiliary Machines – I Download
6. Naval Architecture – I Download
7. Elementary Design and Drawing Download
 Semester VI
1. Ship Fire Prevention and Control Download
2. Marine Internal Combustion Engine – II Download
3. Marine Electrical Technology Download
4. Marine Auxiliary Machines – II Download
5. Naval Architecture – II Download
6. Management of Science & Economics Download
7. Marine Steam Engineering Download
 Semester VII
1. Ship Operation and Management Download
2. Advanced Marine Control Engineering and Automation Download
3. IMO – Maritime Conventions and Classification Society Download
4. Advanced Marine Technology Download
5. Engine Room Management Download
6. Marine Machinery and System Design Download
BE Mechanical Engineering 
 Semester III
1. Mechanics of solids Download
2. Applied Thermodynamics Download
3. Theory of Mechanics Download
4. Machine Drawing Download
5. Computer graphics Download
6. Mathematics III Download
7. Mechanics of solids practical Download
Semester IV 
1. Fluid mechanics Download
2. Dynamics of Machinery Download
3. Mechanical Engineering Design Download
4. Electrical machines and control Download
5. Numerical and statistical methods Download
 Semester V 
1. Fluid machines Download
2. Heat and Mass Transfer Download
3. Production Technology I Download
4. Advanced mechanical Engineering design Download
5. Industrial engineering and management Download
 Semester VI  Download
1. Internal Combustion Engines Download
2. Mechanical Vibration Download
3. Production Technology II Download
4. Computer-Aided Design Download
5. Advanced Solid Mechanics Download
 Semester VII 
1. Measurement and Instrumentation Download
2. Energy conversation equipment Download
3. Operations research Download
4. Industrial tribology Download
5. Mechatronics Download
6. Waste heat utilization Download
7. Noise engineering Download
8. Refrigeration and air conditioning Download
9. Utilization of non-conventional energy Download
10. Fracture Mechanics Download
11. Advanced Mechanics Download
 Semester VIII 
1. Advanced fluid mechanics Download
2. Computer-aided manufacturing Download
3. Automobile engineering Download
4. Finite element analysis Download
5. Ergonomics Download
6. Composite materials Download
7. Power plant engineering Download
8. Environmental Engineering Download
BE Mechatronics Engineering 
 Semester III
1. Engineering Mathematics III Download
2. Engineering Thermodynamics Download
3. Fluid Mechanics and Machines Download
4. Analogue and Digital Circuits Download
5. Signals and Networks Download
 Semester IV 
1. Engineering Mathematics IV Download
2. Design of Machine Elements Download
3. Machine Tools and Processes Download
4. Metrology Download
5. Theory of Machines Download
6. Microprocessor & Interfacing Download
 Semester V 
1. Robotics and Vision System Download
2. Advanced Manufacturing Technology Download
3. Design of Mechatronics Systems Download
4. Control Systems Download
5. Modelling and Simulation Download
6. Sensors and Signal Processing (SSP) Download
 Semester VI 
1. MEMS & Nano Technology Download
2. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Download
3. CAD Download
4. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Download
5. Programmable Logic Control Download
6. Electronics Manufacturing Technology Download
 Semester VII 
1. Autotronics Download
2. Engineering Economics & Financial Management Download
3. Intelligent Controllers Download
4. Power Electronics Download
BE Mining Engineering 
 Semester III
1. Calculus Download
2. Statics Download
3. Social Science and Humanities Download
 Semester IV 
1. Surveying and map preparation Download
2. Economic analysis Download
3. Earth’s crust Download
4. Earth’s crust Download
 Semester V 
1. Geostatistics and mineral evaluation Download
2. Exploration and field mapping Download
3. Strength of materials Download
4. Thermodynamics Download
5. Dynamics Download
 Semester VI 
1. Mine systems Download
2. Soil mechanics Download
3. Rock mechanics Download
4. Mineral deposits Download
5. Semester VII Download
6. Senior Design I Download
7. Environmental Issues Download
8. Applied analysis Download
9. Technical Elective Download
10. Mine Ventilation Download
11.  Semester VIII Download
12. Mineral and Natural Resource Law Download
13. Applied Geomechanics Download
14. Senior Design II Download
15. Electrical engineering Download
16. Humanities and Social Science Download
 Production Engineering 
1. Mathematics III Download
2. Basic Electronics Download
3. Applied Thermodynamics Download
4. Material Science and Engineering Download
5. Mechanics of Solids Download
6. Manufacturing Engineering I Download
7. Introduction to System Theory Download
Semester IV 
1. Mathematics IV Download
2. Electrical & Electronics Engineering Download
3. Fluid and Thermal Engineering Download
4. Dynamics of Machines Download
5. Engineering Measurements Download
6. Manufacturing Engineering II Download
7. Metallurgy Download
 Semester V 
1. CAD/CIM/CAM Download
2. Machine Design I Download
3. Metrology & Quality Technology Download
4. Design of Mold & Metal Forming Tools Download
5. Business Communication & Ethics Download
6. Computational Methods Download
7. Industrial Organization & Management Download
 Semester VI 
1. Production Tooling Download
2. Machine Design II Download
3. Production and Operation Management Download
4. Process Engineering and Tooling Download
5. Manufacturing Automation Download
 Semester VII
1. Industrial Engineering Training & Project Download
2. Material Deformation Process Download
3. Modern Manufacturing Process Download
4. Engineering Economy Download
5. Production Control & Planning Download
6. Work-Study & Ergonomics Download
 Semester VIII 
1. Human Resource Management Download
2. Economics, Finance, Accounting & Costing Download
3. Fluid Power & Automation Download
4. Plant & Quality Engineering Download
5. Flexible Manufacturing Systems & Robotics Download
6. Industrial Pollution Control Download
B.Tech Aerospace Engineering 
 Semester III 
1. Elements of Aerospace Engineering Download
2. Thermodynamics Download
3. Mechanics of Solids Download
4. Mechanics of Fluids Download
5. Applied Mathematics III Download
6. Introduction to microprocessor Download
7. Introduction to renewable energy Download
8. Industrial Saftey Download
 Semester IV 
1. Composite Materials Download
2. Aircraft Structures Download
3. Aerodynamics Download
4. Understanding Light Through Lens Download
5. Introduction to Solarphotovolatic Systems Download
6. Robotics Download
 Semester V 
1. Aerodynamics Download
2. Aircraft Stability & Control Download
3. Personality Nationalism and Human Value Download
4. Introduction to Solar Thermal Engineering Download
5. Robotics 3 Download
6. Understanding Process and Business Download
7. Accounting for Management Download
 Semester VI
1. Space Flight Navigation and Guidance Download
2. Aircraft Design Download
3. Aircraft Materials and Process Download
4. Aircraft maintenance and Quality Assurance Download
5. BioMass and Bio Fuels Download
6. Robotics 4 Download
7. Instrumentation Download
 B.Tech Petroleum Engineering 
Semester III
1. Mechanical Engineering – I Download
2. Methods of Applied Mathematics – I Download
3. Geology for Petroleum Engineers Download
4. Drilling Fluids and Cement Download
5. Drilling Technology Download
6. Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Elective such as Organizational Behaviour Download
 Semester IV 
1. Mechanical Engineering – II Download
2. Numerical and Statistical Methods Download
3. Petroleum Production Operations – I Download
4. Elements of Reservoir Engineering Download
5. Managerial Economics Download
6. Surveying Theory Download
 Semester V 
1. Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering and Management Download
2. Petroleum Production Operations – II Download
3. Sedimentary and Petroleum Geology Download
4. Methods of Applied Mathematics – II Download
Semester VI 
1. Directional Drilling Download
2. Petroleum Formation Evaluation Download
3. Advanced Numerical Methods Download
4. Applied Electrical Engineering Download
Semester VII 
1. Oil and Gas Well Testing Download
2. Offshore Drilling and Petroleum Production Practices Download
3. Health Safety and Environment in Petroleum Industry Download
4. Industrial Engg. and Management Download
Semester VIII 
1. Petroleum Engineering Design Download
2. Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques Download
3. Reservoir Modelling and Simulation Download
4. Pipeline Engineering Download

PG Diploma Notes

The duration of Post Graduation Programs will be for 1 year. Students of Graduation are only eligible to join this course. We have provided the study notes of PG Diploma of various streams. Download it by the links given below :

Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Markets Practice
1. Equity Markets Download
2. Equity Derivatives Download
3. Commodity Markets Download
4. Currency and Debt Markets Download
5. Professionals in Financial Markets Practice Download
6. Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations (PGDIBO)
7. International Business Environment Download
8. International Marketing Management Download
9. India’s Foreign Trade Download
10. Export-Import Procedures and Documentation Download
11. International Marketing Logistics Download
12. International Business Finance Download
Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management (PGDHHM)
1. Introduction to Management-I Download
2. Introduction to Management-II Download
3. Organization and Management of Hospitals Download
4. Clinical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services Download
5. Support and Utility Services and Risk Management Download
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA)
1. Computer Organisation and Assembly Language Programming Download
2. Discrete Mathematics Download
3. Systems Analysis and Design Download
4. Communication Skills Download
5. Internet Concepts and Web design Download
6. C and Assembly Language Programming Download
7. Operating System Concepts and Networking Management Download
8. Introduction to Database Management Systems Download
9. Object-Oriented Technology and Java Programming Download
Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (PGJMC)
1. Introduction to Communication Download
2. Mass Media and Society Download
3. Reporting, Writing, and Editing Download
4. Public Relations Download

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