Fashion Designer Course Details 2022 – Career, Jobs, Salary, Opportunities

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Fashion Designer Course Details: Check out the Fashion Designer Course Details 2022. If you are searching for a different course to join after the completion of 10th /12th classes, then this is the right opportunity to pursue Fashion designing course. Through this article Fashion Designer Course Details, we are going to provide Fashion Designer Course Details like About Fashion designing, Fashion designing colleges, Fees, courses, career, Jobs, Pay scale & Job opportunities. This article Fashion Designer Course Details will help you to know about Fashion Designing. Complete reading this article to get more information about Fashion Designing.

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Fashion Designer Course Details - Career, Jobs , Salary, OpportunitiesFashion Designer Course Details

Events Information
Career Fashion Designing
Duration 4 years (depends on Institution & nature of program)
Fees Average fee ranges between INR 5, 20,000 and 6, 80,000
Qualification Minimum eligibility for the Undergraduate course in this field is (10+2) with 50% marks and for Post Graduate courses is  graduation in Fashion designing (it varies depending on the course chosen)
Course available in India Yes
Course available in other countries Yes
Job Vacancies of Fashion designers in India Available
Job Vacancies of Fashion designer in Other countries Available
Fashion Designer salary in India (per anum) Average salary is Rs 3,84,487
Fashion Designer Salary in other countries (per anum) Average salary $130,890

About Fashion Designer Course Details

Fashion design is generally started in the 19th century with Charles Frederick Worth who was the 1st designer to have his label sewn into the garments that he created. Fashion designing is the art of Making design, aesthetics and applying natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. It is influenced by cultural & social attitudes and has varied over time and place. Fashion designers  consider who is likely to wear a garment, the situations in which it will be worn and some clothes are made specifically for an individual in the case of haute couture or bespoke tailoring. They work within a wide range of materials, patterns,colors and styles.

Fashion Designer Course Details

There are different Fashion Designer Course Details. The Under graduate & post graduate courses of Fashion designing are as follows:

UG courses:

  • B.Des. Fashion Design
  • B.A. (Hons) Fashion Design
  • B.Sc. Fashion Design
  • B.Sc. Fashion Design & Technology

PG courses:

  • M.Des. Fashion Design
  • M.A. Fashion Design
  • M.B.A. Fashion Design Management
  • M.B.A. Fashion Management
  • M.Sc. Fashion Designing
  • M.Sc. Fashion Design & Technology

Top 20 Fashion Designing colleges in India

We have mentioned the list of top 20 fashion designing Course colleges in India :

  1. Inter National Institute of Fashion Design, (INIFD) Delhi
  2. Inter National Institute of Fashion Design, (INIFD) Chandigarh
  3. National Institute of Fashion Technology, (NIFT) Delhi
  4. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Navi Mumbai
  5. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Kolkata
  6. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Hyderabad
  7. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Gandhinagar
  8. Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Mohali
  9. Indian Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT), Bangalore
  10. Global Institute of Fashion Technlogy (GIFT), Kolkata
  11. B.D. Somani Institute of Art and Fashion Technology, Mumbai
  12. Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore
  13. Pearl Academy of Fashion, Delhi
  14. National Institute of Design, (NID) Ahmadabad
  15. JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai
  16. J.D. Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi
  17. School of Fashion Technology, Pune
  18. FAD International, Pune
  19. Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID) Pune
  20. Pinnacle Institute of Fashion Technology (PIFT), Ludhiana

Career & Opportunities in Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is a good career choice for the people who are artistic and creative. There are many career opportunities available to a person who wants to pursue a Fashion Designing course. To become a fashion designer, the candidate needs to be artistic and creative but also needs to be good at communication skills & decision making skills. There is a strong competition for jobs in the field of Fashion Designing because of the large number of people who seek employment and relatively few positions are available. Employment opportunities for fashion designers are highly concentrated in California & New York.

Fashion Designer Jobs

After completion of fashion design Course, candidates can join any of the below mentioned job roles:

  • Fashion designer: Fashion designer has to work on styling different types of clothes. They can either start their own label or join a firm to design clothes for them.
  • Fashion concept Manager: The concept Manager role is to make unique themes on which a clothing or accessory range should be designed by a designer or a fashion firm. Also, they have to make research & suggest ways to advertise the new line of clothing.
  • Fashion marketer: Fashion marketer can work for clothing companies, boutiques or outlet chains. They need to work towards publishing and increasing awareness of a particular brands, designer labels & department stores. They are expected to plan, direct or coordinate marketing policies and programs such as determining the demand of products & services offered by a firm and its competitors. Their primary role is to satisfy customer/consumer needs.
  • Quality controller: quality controller role is to set quality standards for anything that is purchased for a new collection. Apart from this, QC manager can issues guidelines for each department about Quality and also the production of garments. QC is also responsible for checking the quality of the product in the process production.
  • Textile designer: These are the persons who were responsible for deciding how a garment should be stitched and made. They are also responsible for creating a technical package. So, their task starts when a sketch of the garment to be made is given to them.
  • Fashion coordinator: Their responsible is to creating an unique ‘look and feel’ across all fashion divisions of a department store, design house / fashion magazine.
  • Stylist:  Stylists are mostly self employed & one can only make a mark for themselves. The primary task of a fashion consultant /stylist is to help people to develop a wardrobe that promotes their public image.  People working in this profession advise others about latest fashion trends, clothing styles, colors to wear, what to avoid and how to do their make-up & hair.

Different Fields for Fashion designers – Fashion Designer Course Details

  • Clothing Designing Field: In this field, The designers have to create or produce different styles of clothing like Casual wear, Sports wear, Ethnic wear, Party wear etc.,
  • Footwear Designing Field: The footwear designer role is to create different kinds of shoes, sandals, Boots etc., in different designs.
  • Costume Designing Field: Their role is to design different kinds of costumes for people mostly appear in Television like celebrities or to the people who are performing stage shows etc.,
  • Accessory Designing Field: Accessory designers role is to create or produce different kinds/models of accessories like Handbags, Make up kits, Belts, Hats etc.,

Salaries of Fashion Designers

Fashion Designer Course Details

The Average wage for fashion designers is $65,170. The salaries which half of the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. The lowest 10% earned less than $33,740 & the highest 10% earned more than $130,050. The national average salary for a Fashion Designer in India is ₹5,68,014 and Average estimated salary is Rs. 3,84,487/-

Hope you may get the  About Fashion Designer Course details, Career, Jobs, Pay scale & Job opportunities.

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