Mercantile Law Study Materials 2021 – Download Chapters, Topics & Study Notes

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Download Mercantile Law Study Materials 2021. In this article, we are going to provide the Study Notes for Management Studies. Students of B.Com can download these Study Materials which will be useful for their Exam Preparation.

Through this article, we are going to provide the Mercantile Law Study Materials, Study Notes, PDFs, Chapters & Topics, Important Questions in this topic and Download Links.  Continue reading the below article for more information regarding the Management Studies Notes.

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Mercantile Law Study Materials - Download Study Books and Notes

Mercantile Law Study Materials

Name of the Subject Mercantile Law
Category Management Studies
Useful for B.Com
Course Type Under Graduation
Article on Mercantile Law Study Materials 2021
Study Material Format PDF
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Chapters and Topics

The topics of this subject are given below. To know more about the subject go through the article and refer to all the books prescribed to this subject.

General Law of Contract-I

  • Essentials of a Contract
  • Offer and Acceptance
  • Capacity of Parties
  • Free Consent

General Law of Contract II

  • Consideration and Legality of Object
  • Void Agreements and Contingent Agreements
  • Performance and Discharge
  • Remedies for Breach and Quasi Contracts

Specific Contracts and Arbitration

  • Indemnity and Guarantee
  • Bailment and Pledge
  • Contract of Agency
  • Carriage of Goods


  • Definition and Registration of Partnership
  • Rights, Duties and Liabilities of Partners
  • Dissolution of Partnership Firms

Sale of Goods

  • Nature of Contract of Sale
  • Conditions and Warranties
  • Transfer of Ownership and Delivery
  • Rights of an Unpaid Seller

Elements of Mercantile Law Study Notes

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Mercantile Law Click Here

Business Law Study Books

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Unit wise PDFs – Mercantile Law Study Materials

Here we have mentioned the unit wise PDFs of Mercantile Law subject. Click on the below link to download it :

Units  Download Links 
General Law of Contract-I Download
General Law of Contract II Click Here
Specific Contracts and Arbitration Download
Partnership Click Here
Sale of Goods Download

Subject to the Universities

This subject will be useful to the students of B.Com. The following university students can also download these materials :

  • Alagappa University
  • NIILM University
  • Rai Technology University

Subject in the Semesters

Mercantile Law subject will be studied by the students in the following semesters of their respective courses :

  • MBA III Semester
  • B.Com I Semester

Important Questions

We have mentioned some of the important questions on Mercantile Law subject :

  • Define contract. Explain the essentials of a valid contract.
  • Define the term “proposal”. Discuss the essentials of a valid offer.
  • What is acceptance? How can an offer be accepted? Who can accept an offer?
  • Who is competent to contract? State the position of contracts with a minor.
  • Define Consent. When Consent is said to be free?
  • Define ‘Consideration’. Discuss various types of consideratioris.
  • Discuss the law regarding wagering agreements under the Indian Contract Act.
  • What do you mean by performance of a contract?
  • Bring out the difference between a contract of indemnity and a contract of guarantee.
  • What is ‘Breach of Contract? What remedies are available to an aggrieved party on the breach of a contract?
  • Define ‘agent’ and ‘principal’. Can a minor be an agent?
  • Examine the rights and duties of an agent.
  • Distinguish between a bill of lading and charter party. What are their characteristics?
  • What is a consignment note? Who prepares it? What is its purpose?
  • Define Partnership and describe the essential characteristics of a partnership.
  • Discuss the mutual rights and duties of partners in the absence of any express agreement between them.
  • What do you understand by dissolution of firm? How can a firm be dissolved?
  • Define a contract-of sale. How is a contract of sale different from an agreement to sell?
  • Define and distinguish ‘condition’ and ‘warranty’.
  • What is the doctrine of ‘Caveat Ernptor’? What are the exceptions to this doctrine?
  • State briefly the rules regarding the transfer of ownership from seller to the buyer.
  • Define an unpaid seller. What are his rights?

Recommended Books for Mercantile Law

To know about Mercantile Law follow the information in the books given here.  For many more details and Recommended books follow our article to know about Mercantile Law.

  • A Textbook of Mercantile Law: (Commerical Law) by P P S Gogna
  • Mercantile Law by M.C. Kuchhal and Vivek Kuchhall
  • Mercantile Law (For CPT Course) by Rao P.M

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